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Black Data Facts
Black Data Facts

U.S. Census Bureau NewsU.S. Department of Commerce. Washington, D.C. 20233Facts for Features CB15-FF.01 Jan. 21, 2015Black (African-American) History Month: February 2015  To commemorate and celebrate the contributions to our nation made by people of African descent, American historian Carter G. Woodson established Black History Week. The first celebration occurred on Feb. 12, 1926. For many years, the second week of February...

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Walking Program 2016 - Walk and Zumba with SDBHA!!


A Basis for Good Health

Presented by Clovis M. Honoré - President, San Diego Black Health Associates.

Part 1: The Reason

Human beings don’t do anything with a reason - A “Why”.  Part 1 of this discussion is to help you understand the “reason” why you are healthy…or not.


Spirit – Soul – Mind & Heart – Brain – Body

The Spirit

I believe in a Spirit Universe.  I believe the Spirit Universe permeates all existence – matter, energy, space, and those things beyond our affiliation with what some of us call the “Material Universe”.  I believe that the Spirit Universe is intelligent, structured and purposeful.  I also believe that it is, by nature, Relational.  I believe the “Material Universe” is a distinct manifestation of the Spiritual Universe.

I believe that the Soul – The Ba – the essence of a person/a human being is a distinction within the Spirit Universe.  This means that is has all of the characteristics of the Spirit Universe – intelligence, structure and purpose – but the Soul is distinguishable within the Spirit Universe.  It is like a sand sculpture on the beach.  It is sand, but it has a distinct and distinguishable structure.

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What is HIV?

HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). It is a virus that attacks the immune system. Viruses such as HIV cannot grow or reproduce on their own, they need to infect the cells of a living organism in order to replicate (make new copies of themselves). The human immune system usually finds and kills viruses fairly quickly, but HIV attacks the immune system itself - the very thing that would normally get rid of a virus. This virus results in the body not being able to defend itself from external diseases and this causes AIDS.

Is there a Difference Between HIV and AIDS?

AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency syndrome (AIDS). In medicine, a syndrome is a group of symptoms that all together indicate the presence of a disease. When a person has AIDS, his or her body has been

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Meeting Schedule

Meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of each month 6:00 to 8:00 pm located at:
Byrco Business Park
San Diego Black Health Associates
5275 Market Street
San Diego, CA 92114
(619) 906-4002

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How Does the Body Get Energy from Glucose?

Glucose is the simple sugar that the body obtains from the foods that are eaten. Insulin is the hormone that is produced by the pancreas that helps the body’s cells use glucose for energy.

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Prostate Cancer

Prevention Strategy – How can I reduce the risk of prostate cancer?

The risk of prostate cancer can be lowered considerably by eating a more vegetarian diet. The Mayo Clinic suggests that a low-fat diet rich in fruits, vegetables and fish can help avoid prostate cancer.

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Cigarette Use and Smoking

Tobacco use is the single most preventable cause of disease, disability, and death in the United States. Each year, an estimated 443,000 people die prematurely from smoking or exposure to secondhand smoke. Another 8.6 million live with a serious illness caused by

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Obesity & African Americans

Obesity is the medical condition in which excess body fat has grown to the point that it can have a negative impact on health and life. These consequences include excess pain, unnecessary medical expenses, family support for transportation & medication management

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